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Painting in Rathmines


There is an enduring human instinct, says The Sunday Times, to leave a record in times of uncertainty. This record is trying to capture the shimmering uncertainty in these times, as we stride towards a better more stable future, learning all of the lessons of the last few years without getting bitter. We won’t be distracted by trinkets and baubles, instead by designer bags and watches, which surely is a much more serious pursuit than decking and skirting boards. We lost a lot when it all leaked away: our sense pride and confidence. Perhaps we rediscovered our real identity; the little place that sends out its children because it can’t keep them. It’s better they leave forever; we don’t want to be reminded of failure.

I wonder if we’ll ever get back to those Gatsby days of spend, spend, spend and excess. These are times of uncertainty; this is my record.


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