The Gutter Bookshop, Dalkey

All you want in life is a bookshop inviting you in to browse. What you find packed on the shelves is a delight of beauty, pain and philosophy. Hopefully you will trip over the meaning of life whilst perusing the shelves, but maybe you will just find the poetry in life. The Gutter Bookshop, with its wooden floors and wood stove emitting sonnets and speeches isn’t the biggest bookshop in Dublin, or even Co. Dublin, but it certainly is the most picturesque.

IMG_2417I’m not sure what was beside this bookshop, but it looks like inspiration was plenty. I particularly like the yellow picture frame.


The Winding Stair – sitting patiently on the quays


Not the best representation of this wonderful bookshop. The facade is warm and friendly, the interior a hodge podge of Irish, European and international books. Sit in the window and peruse the book you just bought, or take a seat in the comfy grandfather chair in the back and hum to that Bach prelude you’ve heard many times before. Either way, this is one of the most beautiful bookshops in Dublin.

2014-07-06 17.44.52