Trinity in Bloom

Springtime in Trinity College Dublin


It’s cherry blossom time again in Trinity College Dublin.

The Rose Garden shows off it’s pink petals with not a rose in sight. Surrounded by the noise of the city, the campus is an oasis of calm, and a lunchtime on one of the benches in the Rose Garden is a lunchtime well spent.

Bring a good book, or an even better article, and sit under the cherry blossoms. It’s what lunchtime is all about.

The passageway

the-passagewayflickrThe cobblestones reflect the solitary light from an aged lamppost. They have a silky look to them. Ghostly figures murmuring the day’s already outdated news pass through the passageway on their way home. Lecky watches from atop as another generation tear through the seasons on their way to greatness, or at least a steady income.

Edmund Burke

Standing outside Trinity College for the last 147 years, Edmund Burke has been privy to all kinds of secrets, vicissitudes and the occasional piece of hyperbole. Staring out on College Green as the country transforms from colonial subject to free stater to independent over a very short period of time, I wonder what he would make to today’s Ireland and the decisions we have made as a nation.